A new take on Conversion Rate Optimization

If you have read any of our blogs you already understand the difference between traditional marketing agencies and our hyper-growth strategies. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is another tactic in OPTL’s marketing stack where we use alternative methodologies, data and technology to reinvent the way it’s executed.

What is CRO?

Let’s start at the basics of what CRO is. Conversion Rate Optimization is the act of better understanding what converts leads into sales in its most simplest form. Most businesses have attempted this one way or another with the majority being on their websites. It’s the most straightforward channel to test new content, layouts and products. Even with implementing these new strategies into their websites, they still struggle with analyzing their efforts to see if they had a return. There are plenty of SaaS companies that can help with this issue but our approach to CRO is unique as it focuses on all stages of the customer journey

There are opportunities all throughout campaigns to optimize conversions. Whether it’s from impressions to engagements, engagements to leads or leads to sales. Testing all components will ultimately be the deciding factor between a good campaign and a great campaign. Accomplishing this takes time but once it’s been mastered, your marketing efforts will reach maximum efficiency. The goal is to understand what resonates most through every touch point with your ideal audiences. Machine learning multivariate testing has now made this possible and ultimately has increased efficiency in CRO.

Taking that next step 

Businesses now have the opportunity to reach maximum efficiency with a lower marketing budget. It’s deciding to take your current marketing budget and make that decision to try new methods that’s the hard part. Do you really want to give up a year or even two year’s worth of marketing budget to test new content, ads, layouts, messaging, products etc.? Let’s put it this way. Do you wish you would have truly known your customer’s personalities, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, lifestyles, and buying behaviors all within the first two years of opening your business? Absolutely! It would have made marketing efforts way easier for your growth plans. Good news, it’s not too late to do this. By understanding the psychographics of your customers, rapid growth is within reach.

Let OPTL help you with your CRO needs. We will test new paths that will lead to increase sales and greater revenue.