Boise based marketing agency generating growth through the power of technology

OPTL launched in Boise when there was a need for a marketing agency that could produce rapid growth for businesses. Our new approach to marketing utilizes the power of data and technology to help streamline processes. Through our Test, Learn and Apply methodology, we are able to generate hyper-growth for businesses through machine learning and multivariate testing. By taking human error out of a normally subjective industry, we have been able to increase substantial growth for our clients. The objective is to get the right message, to the right individual, at the right time.

We combine a variety of technologies and use artificial intelligence at the core of the process. Our strategy is based on data driven decisions as we combine quantitative and qualitative marketing. This ensures results that allows us to understand audiences’ interests and needs that resonates with the target audience most.

OPTL works with B2B and B2C clients of all sizes. We generate engagement, leads and direct sales for a variety of industries. Our new agile approach to marketing has shown time and again it will consistently produce positive results. Through an initial discovery period, we work with clients to extract as much data as we can to help boost the initial testing phase.  Discovery periods help kick-start campaigns in order to focus resources and time on what matters most to our clients, generating growth. Once campaigns are launched, the real fun begins. We optimize each campaign in real time in order to focus in areas that will generate the best results. Data is the key to OPTL’s success and the more there is, the greater the results.

Let OPTL handle your marketing needs. Contact us today and meet with one of our client success managers to better understand your needs.