Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is the key to a seamless customer experience across multiple devices and touch points. It allows consumers to experience a connected brand across all channels. Customers expect companies to provide relevant information and a consistent experience across all channels.

Customer Journey Map

A key tool to developing a successful omnichannel marketing strategy is the customer journey map. To successfully communicate with your customer you must understand your customer and their interactions with your brand. Customer journey maps help visualize the process that a customer goes through in order to accomplish a goal. To successfully create an effective journey map there are five key steps:

  • Team and Goal: Build a core team from key departments of your company and define the scope of this mapping initiative.
  • Investigation: Gathering existing customer data and research.
  • Assumption: Create a hypothesis journey map.
  • Research: Collect new data to validate the hypothesis journey map.
  • Narrative Visualization: Combining existing insights and new research to create a visual narrative that depicts the customer journey.

Intent, Personalization and Conversion

The customer journey map is a working guide that must be constantly analyzed and updated. This should be a natural process as you evaluate your omnichannel customer interaction. By analyzing all customer inputs and intents, preferences can be determined to create a personalized output. Outputs are a perfect opportunity to implement a Test, Learn and Apply methodology. This process will provide greater understanding of your customer and refine your customer journey maps.

OPTL works with B2B and B2C clients of all sizes. We generate engagements, leads and direct sales in a variety of industries. Our Boise based marketing agency uses a Test, Learn and Apply methodology that generates rapid growth for our clients. Our focus is to increase return on marketing investment (ROMI) through machine learning and multivariate testing.

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